Those Pesky Pounds!

Springtime is here! Well, it’s been spring-like weather for a while on the White Mountains, hasn’t it? . . . And you still have those few extra pounds left over from the holidays. Or you have tried on your spring/summer clothes and found the “snugger bug” has come into your closet and downsized those pants and shorts. Or the garden is calling, and you’re reaching waaay over your tummy to pull those weeds.

It’s easy to put off what you know would be best for you. Next week sounds good. In the meantime, the pounds are piling on and you’re feeling discouraged. What to do?

Here are a few tips:

  • Prioritize your health. Sometimes, life is so busy it’s hard to find time for you. Look at your calendar and decide when the best time is for that walk. Or some gym time with a friend. Then stick to it. You’ve got this.
  • Figure out the benefits. Some are: you’ll sleep better at night. Have more energy. Be able to keep up with your grandkids. Use these benefits to drive your self-talk, going from “I can’t do this” to “I’m in charge, I’m on a roll!”
  • Make your goal into a hobby. With hobbies, well at least the good ones, time seems to fly.Make a symbol of your hobby. Then enlarge it so it’s big enough to hold the shape of your body. Think of the joy connected with your hobby, and step into the symbol. Motivation is yours!
  • Relish satisfying, nutritious food. Want a cookbook of easy, scrumptious snacks? Ken Courtney’s Country Cuisine is your go-to. Thirteen sections of mouthwatering recipes. Cooking ideas and the basics. Desserts and salads. Sauces and sandwich fillings. Everything from soup to nuts! Many recipes have variations to change up flavors or add your own. Check it out for yourself in the Shop section of Unstuck Living.
  • Work out an eating plan tailored to you. Rather than going on a diet (we all know how well that works!) develop an eating plan that works for you. Paleo or Mediterranean. Intermittent fasting or six small meals a day. The choice is yours.

Get ready for spring and shed those pesky pounds. Live unstuck!

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