What My Clients Are Saying

A Fabulous Testimonial!
Kathy Baker

I have never written a testimonial about anyone or anything before in my life. However, after my recent experience with Joan Courtney's hypnotherapy session, I just had to sing her praises! I had been dealing with an annoying nervous habit for over a year and had not been able to stop it on my own. I admit I was skeptical that anything would get me to stop! I was almost in shock when after only one session, I noticed right away that I no longer felt the urge to chew my lower lip. I did follow up with a second appointment a month later, just in case I fell back into the habit. I am pleased to say, I am still on track with having stopped my annoying habit.

Barbara Bruce

Since being hit head on in a car accident with snow and ice on the road, I discovered every time there was a forecast of snow, I found myself looking for reasons NOT to get in the car. This fear was compounded by a previous accident I had a few years before. Knowing I had to drive past mile marker 350.2, where the recent accident occurred, paralyzed me. I now had a fear of getting into my car and driving in inclement weather, especially snow. It doesn’t have to just be going by that mile marker; it is anywhere there might be snow.

Can I, or do I want to live like this? No.

I went to Joan Courtney and her Transformational Hypnotherapy years ago. She has morphed her business into a new concept called “Unstuck Living.” I knew I was “stuck” in a place of fear, so I decided to make an appointment to get “unstuck.” I still have one session to go, but I feel a shift. It is one of those things you cannot really explain but you just know that something has changed in your psyche.
Trust is one of the greatest components necessary for this to work. I trust her like you have to trust your doctor or your auto mechanic or your dentist to do the job you need them to do.

Could I get over this on my own? Maybe. What I BELIEVE…is I have found a way to get “unstuck.”

G., White Mountains, AZ

I would recommend Joan to anyone needing to make changes in their life! I find Joan to be such a calming, positive presence. I was immediately comfortable with her and I trust her completely. Joan has helped me reduce my symptoms [of] anxiety and depression, and she has also helped me clarify the underlying issues that caused the anxiety and depression. I find every session with Joan to be very valuable, and I leave each time with a sense of renewal and purpose. The CDs that Joan has made for me have also been quite helpful. I listen to them on my way to work almost every morning, and they help me start my day in a positive, relaxed frame of mind.

M. Rivera

Great results after my very first session with Joan . . .

In desperation I went to see Joan after a car accident that was causing me to have anxiety and concentration and information retention issues. I had just started studying for the Law School Admissions Test and found myself unable to focus for more than a few minutes and my retention was incredibly low. Additionally, I was having panic attacks while driving. Joan addressed these issues in our first session and also gave me some pre-0p and post-op hypnosis to prepare me for my upcoming surgery. After my session, that same night, I dreamed about several solutions that I could find on YouTube to address my studying concerns and over the next week I noticed my driving anxiety went away. Thanks Joan!!!


I would like to comment on last week’s telephone session with you. I came out of our session somewhat in a daze. I suspect I was in a very deep state but when I fully came out of the hypnotic state I felt very much lighter. Emotionally that is. I felt like I was walking several feet higher. As I contemplated this feeling I began to realize I have had this feeling after each of our sessions. And since then, the issues we worked on have, have lost a lot of their power over me. They probably have not gone away, but they no longer have the same impact on my thoughts and feelings. It was like realizing how much these negative issues had been weighing me down. You are an amazing therapist; your techniques are very poweful and effective. Working with you, even over the plane, has been one of the best decisions I have made. I look forward to connecting for a few more sessions and completing our work together. I also look forward to reporting the long term benefits of having resolved issues that have been hanging heavy over me for a long, long time. I would not hesitate for a second, referring anyone to you and sharing my experience of our work together. You are a very effective and compassionate therapist.

Thank you so much.


Elena Boyar

Today I had some real breakthroughs with difficult stuff I’d been attempting to deal with. I’d been suck for awhile not being able to see clearly into the issue, the old memories of limitations that I’d heard from family members about me.

With the help of Joan Courtney and her hypnotherapy and NLP I feel as though I’ve had a life-altering experience in our session, sorting it out and guiding me to see beyond my fears. Kudos to Joan! She’s a highly gifted healer and sincere in what she does.

and . . .

The severe muscle pain in my left leg is gone. After my session with Joan and re-visiting the emotional pains I had been experiencing, the new awareness in my body triggered a release of a month-long muscle tightness accompanied with difficulty walking and striding. I know where the arthritis is in the knee cap, and now, fortunately, the strain of movement is gone. Amazing the body/mind connection, and amazing how hypnosis gets right to the heart of it. Thanks, Joan. How lucky I am.


Tracy M.

Finding Joan was a blessing. I’d suffered from anxiety and safety issues most of my life and when I found that I was losing the ability to take even the slightest risks like driving, flying, being with friends, I knew it was time to seek an alternative to conventional treatment. Hypnosis was a natural process and Joan made the session feel comfortable. I was able to have a chat with my inner child who was crying out, and found a way to comfort this inner voice and learn to trust myself again. What amazed me most was how vibrant my senses became after freeing this inner gremlin, and the increase in confidence has been an added and joyful side effect. What’s more, she taught me ways to deal with set backs so the anxiety has not returned. I can’t thank Joan enough and recommend her gentle and patient techniques to anyone who has an obstacle they want to vanquish for good!

Cathy Murray

I am writing this letter to tell you how grateful I am for your help. I wish I could have done this earlier but better late than never. I needed some help in moving on with my life and you helped me get unstuck. I believe we are led to what is right for us if we are open. And when I found your article in the Maverick and kept going back to it, I now know it was right for me. After our sessions, things started happening. Changes were coming. Good things I wanted for my life were and are flowing in.I have taken a leave from my work. The stress of the job became too unbearable for me. I know this is OK. I had to do what was right for me for once. This is a big change and sometimes it’s scary. I know that I will be led to better opportunities. I have found a spiritual group in Religious Science. I again feel at home.

I want to thank you so much for who you are and what you do. I will keep in touch.