The Confession

Duff here. Great-Auntie Elspeth was quite Proper. Being of true Scottish origins, She was strongly Religious and very Faithful. All of Her Pups followed in Her Footsteps. Such a Sweet Sight as one by One, They followed Her to Church. They also minded Their Manners, bowing Their Heads in Prayer over Their Folded Paws. Living unstuck.

One Day, Elspeth was being exceptionally Cute and marvelously Persuasive. A well-Meaning Neighbor gave Her a second breakfast, not knowing She had already been fed. Innocent, for sure. But It weighed heavily on Her Conscience. (Not to mention around Her Middle.) Elspeth knew She needed to confess Her Misdoing to the Kindly Priest. She was Forgiven and the Situation was resolved with a Chat between the two Ladies. Whew! Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You been gifted with an extra Helping when You were already full? Or do You loosen Your Belt and enjoy? I say: Indulge if You must. But You too will have to make a Confession. The Scale is an insistent Taskmaster. Sigh. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#a-confession

It’s all fun and games . . . Until your jeans don’t fit.


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