“Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”

When Micheal Black, who works at our wonderful local store, Mail Copy Plus, said, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” I knew the slogan was for me. And then I considered Carson Wentz, quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. He came to the NFL from North Dakota State University, where he had racked up a number of victories and awards. He was selected 2nd in the NFL draft, but no one knew this young man.

2016 was his rookie season. Wentz was to begin as the starting QB the next year. But after a trade in the ranks, he was named as the starting QB. What was interesting to me: he had each offensive lineman come to visit him in North Dakota over the offseason. He wanted to get to know them and develop a strong community with his players. Did it work? Oh, yes. He had a stellar season in 2016 and is headed for another one this year. As a leader, Carson Wentz sets the pace for the team and is known as a fierce competitor. We all know: a leader inspires others to follow him, but it takes a team to succeed. Teamwork does make the dream work. He is living unstuck.

I was talking with another friend about the thread of teamwork that has run through my life. With Thanksgiving just over, I was remembering the fun and camaraderie of cleanup after the Big Meal. All the women (and if you were old enough, the girls) carried plates, silverware, serving dishes, the turkey platter and anything else used for the meal to the kitchen. Plates were scraped and carefully stacked, for the only the Sunday best china was used. As one woman scrubbed dishes and everything else that had gotten dirty in warm soapy water, we laughed and joked, talked and reminisced. Then another would dry, and yet another would tuck things away. We would all take turns doing each task. And soon the kitchen sparkled. The saying in the cook’s room was, “Many hands make light the work.” And so it did. Teamwork did make the dream work. We lived unstuck.

I’m curious about your teamwork moments. The times you got something done with the help of others. Was that magic for you? Did you live unstuck? #UnstuckLiving

The ratio of We’s to I’s is the best indicator of the development of a team.

—Lewis B. Ergen

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