I’m Not Even an Actor

I hate it when I gain ten pounds for a role and then realize I am not even an actor.


Duff here. Over the past year, Mom and I have been somewhat casual about the Weight Thing. My Halter still fit. That’s good. Her Jeans were tight, but Still comfy. She looked okay to Herself in the Mirror. (That’s an illusion.) She even tried on Her looser Summer Shorts. (Nothing like a threat of Upcoming Springtime to motivate a Person.) Kinda okay. So semi living unstuck.

But the moment of Truth? The Scale. Mom stepped onto this Dreaded Gizmo. And gulped. Then stepped Off, and tried again. Yikes! She has found: Sometimes if You hold Your Mouth just right, the Results will be different. Once again? Nope! A few extra Pounds snuck in. And She is not even readying to be a Character in a Play. You know what this means, don’t You? Reduced rations all the way around. And We both will live unstuck.

How about You? Did you hold steady in Weight during this Last Year? Or are You up just a Bit? I say: Take stock of the Situation and come Play with Me. A little More exercise (want to go for a Walk?) and fewer Snacks will do the Trick. Mom and I are on the Bandwagon. There’s room for You too! Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#weight

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