A Surprise Tumble

Duff here. Last week, the Wind was fierce. I mean, really ferocious. Gusts went anywhere from 20-30 miles an hour, to a whistling 50. Fun to watch the Trees sway from Indoors, but kind of Tricky when a Guy goes out on other Errands. Living unstuck.

Such was the Situation when I went out on My Constitutional with Mom. When I found the Perfect Spot, I was Poised in Position. I had done this Many Times before, so it was like Second Nature to Me. Suddenly, the Big Gust showed up. I tumbled Head over Heels and landed back on My Paws. I looked around to see if Mom had done That to Me. But No, She hadn’t. It was a Surprise Tumble! Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You always ready for an Event? Or do You court Surprises? I say: Ride the Bolt out of the Blue and enjoy. The more Flexible You are, the more Successful You will be. I found This to be true. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#surprises

Life is full of surprises.

—John Major


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