Yoga for Dogs

Yoga, because adulting is hard.


Duff here. Mom was watching Me stretch the Other Day. I have been a Champ at this since I was a Puppy. I would curl up in a Ball, breathing slowly and Methodically. I would twist and Turn as I scrubbed My Back in the Grass. I would chase My Tail. I would run around the Car. Then stop and look expectantly at Mom. Then Do it Again. And again. She would applaud wildly. (Still does.) Living unstuck.

As an Older Puppy, I am more Sedate in My Stretches. I can touch My Toes above My Head. (Can you do that?) I can flop down on My Tummy with all Four Paws splayed out. That pose is called Cooling the Tummy. I can stick My Paws straight up in the Air to get a Different perspective on Life. But My best Pose lately has been Lounging on My Living Room bed. Truly living unstuck.

How about You: Are You flexible and Agile? Or are You a bit stove Up like Me in My Older Years? I say: Keep on stretching. I keep in Shape to catch that Elusive Squirrel . . . someday. You probably have a Goal too. Keep it in Mind as You gracefully, or Not, stretch and Pose. I’ve found It to be so Worthwhile. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#yoga-for-dogs

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