Winter Blues

I’m tired of winter!

I want to fast-forward to complaining about how hot it is.


Duff here. Mother Nature isn’t quite done with Wintertime in these Parts. Two days ago? The Pretty Snowflakes were all over My Playground. And I loved It. Doing brodies and Circles. Stirring up all sorts of Divots. Playing. Romping. I was living unstuck.

But after Mom cleared off the Snow from Our Jeep, She made the mistake of checking how Cold it really was. The Temperature registered 9 degrees with a Wind Chill. And She was going out for Her Walk. Now, Mom is a die-hard Exerciser. But that was even Too Much for Her. So She was delinquent that Morning, dreaming of the Warmth of Spring. The next day? She was out, Walking with the Best of Them. We were Both living unstuck.

How about You? Are You done with Winter? Or do You like stomping around in the Snow? I say: Enjoy the Weather You have. It will be time enough to Be Hot. I guarantee It. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#winter-blues

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