Who’s Your Unsung Hero?

Unsung heroes are all around us. Nurses, doctors and a vast array of medical professionals. Emergency Medical Technicians. Workers in our local grocery stores, and the people who stock products and produce. The cheerful cashier at the gas station. The friendly teller at the bank. And the list goes on and on.

Which got me thinking about another unsung heroine, Mrs. Claus. While Santa takes center stage at Christmas, she’s the one behind the scenes. The one that makes it all happen. This year has been so different and chaotic! She’s keeping old traditions and making new ones. Let’s listen to what she does, in her own words:

  • I feed all the elves. And Santa too. The elves and I tend to a huge heated greenhouse, where we grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables. The diet is very healthy, for our crew works hard year-round. Santa, as you know, has a sweet tooth, which is why he’s so plump. And oh, those cookies and milk!
  • I manage the workflow in Santa’s workshop. This is a major job in itself. And elves, being elves, get into squabbles at times. The pressure can go through the roof, especially around December 25th. I break the tension by having them sing their favorite carols. Or sometimes tucking the younger ones into bed for a nap.
  • I set the alarm for Santa to begin his travels on Christmas Eve. One year, he was so tired he took a nap, and was late leaving the North Pole. Such a scramble! Santa starts delivering gifts in Australia, where the Big Day comes earliest. He times his arrival to each home when children are fast asleep, and leaves just as quickly.
  • I know Santa gets down chimneys in an unusual way. Some of the elves on top push him down, while the others get underneath and pull on his pants. One time, it was comical. The elves underneath pulled so hard; they pulled his pants right off!
  • I understand why adults can’t hear reindeer bells at night anymore. Parents and others work so hard for so many hours, they don’t have time to stop and listen at night for those sounds. And you know, to hear those bells you have to be very still. Very quiet. And listen very carefully. And of course, you have to believe.

Applause and a bouquet of thanks to Mrs. Santa for all she does!
What can we learn from her?

  • Maintain a healthy diet during the holidays.
  • Manage your stress and workload.
  • Sing carols if you are stressed. Or take a nap.
  • Have a schedule for peace of mind.
  • Believe in the magic.

Who’s your unsung hero? Let’s see . . . A parent, working with Mrs. Claus. Your postal carrier, ever faithful. The helpful neighbor next door. The small business owner, always ready to solve a problem. A good friend who’s on your side, no matter what. Take time to thank these people in your life who give of themselves so generously. They give until they almost can’t give again — and then they give some more. They know that the magic of Christmas begins in the heart. And that feeling? Why, can be here every day with your open heart.

Wishing you and yours a most magical Christmas, filled with wonder and goodness!

Joan and The Duff

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