Who’s a Good Boy?

When ur human says "who's a good boy" and you already know it's u.


Duff here. I was considering How we talk to Ourselves. When in an Isolation Type Mode, as during a Stay-At-Home Order, thoughts often lead to self-reflection. I have noticed Many People ruminated over Negative Stuff. Or disasters to happen, that may not occur at All. But Some are starting to tell Others encouraging Words. And when that happens, The Positivity can even rub off on Them. Imagine the Happiness Inside! Living unstuck.

I am a Happy Pup. Always have been, ever since I was a Little Tyke. I assumed People liked Me, and behaved well to Reinforce It. Quite often, Mom says to Me, “Who’s a good boy?” and immediately follows That comment with, “That’s you, isn’t It?” I wiggle all over to show My Pleasure. My Tail wags furiously and I even do My endearing whimper at times. Yes, I know it’s Me. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You tell Yourself Optimistic Words? Or are You kinda Down in the Dumps? I say: Do the Positive and see how it feels. For Me, it’s a burst of loving Happiness from My heart to the World. Mom even has Up-Beat sayings on the Bathroom mirror. It’s a way to Set the Tone for The Day. And She’s better off for it. (Means more treats for Me too.) Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#optimism

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