Things Will Get Better

One day, things will get better. Until then, here’s a funny picture of me.

—MacDuff Courtney, Himself

Duff here. I was getting somewhat Grumpy the other Day. Just out of sorts, if You know what I mean. When Mom came to give Me my evening Massage, I harumphed and walked away. When We went to run some errands, I didn’t even Bark when left to guard the Car. Truly, I was just not Myself. Not living unstuck.

But the Next day? Mom put on a Funny Hat. The Sight was so silly, I ran in circles, yipping all the way! I got a Little dizzy, and promptly tumbled into a Deep Sleep. But only for a Time, for soon We were out and about. New adventures beckoned and New Friends were waiting. All part of the cycle of living Unstuck.

How about You? Do You know things will get better? Or are You convinced Life will always be a Downward Struggle? I say: Remember Monty Python and His Crew, and look on the Sunny Side of Life. Take it from Me . . . You’ll never be downcast Again. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#happy-life

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