The Urping Alarm Clock

What if my favorite thing to do is nothing?


Duff here. I had the Punies last week. I was off My Feed (unheard of!) and didn’t have My Usual Bounce in My Step. Once at the Office, I would lounge about. Sometimes in My Favorite Corner. At other times, in Mom’s lap. Or even smack Dab in front of the Space Heater. I was not Myself, I tell you. Not living unstuck.

Mom knows I venture down the Hill out Back, and discover all sorts of Treats. Some are quite tasty, but Others are downright icky. Treasures known only to Me. However, being a Canine, I can’t resist. Mom figured That was the Case, and let Me be. That is until one Night around 2:00 am. She heard an Urping Sound from My Part of the World. I have never seen Anyone move so fast! She took a look. I sent a Doggy smile Her Way and burrowed down Deeper, fast asleep. Today? All better! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have a dependable Alarm Clock? Or do You rely on Your Cell Phone ring Tone and such? I say: Find the most Motivating Alarm Sound You can muster. It will work Well. But it will never compare to My Mighty Belch in the Middle of the Night. I guarantee it. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#alarm-clock

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