The Truth in Someone Else’s Story

Every time a well-versed photographer picks up a camera and heads outdoors, a sense of adventure and wonder awaits. So much to notice, so many perspectives to capture. To acquire this skill, though, there is a sharp learning curve. For the amateur, some shots can be quite dull, as taking a picture of an event or a group of people. No energy. No vibrancy to the image. Being stuck, I have taken many of these.

The shots I appreciate are the ones that tell the truth in someone else’s story. These pictures are unstuck. The photographer has empathy with her subject, “painting” the feeling from the scene with images from a camera. Be they human or animal, lives have been opened to let someone in. An impartial observer who records something deep in the soul in a magical way is aware and alert. These images touch my heart.

The camera serves the role of the third eye, an extension of the heart. And seeing those images, I realize the camera will never let you down. A transformation occurs as a good photographer becomes a visual messenger providing the story behind the picture. Turn the switch on in the heart, and the world changes dramatically.

Amateur that I am, I like to take pictures of Unstuck Living’s Canine Executive Officer MacDuff. As you can see, the visuals are not expert, but the story went something like this: “You can’t make me come down there. I have already gone up and down those stairs twice, and I’m drawing the line.” To that small sized dog, the flight of stairs must seem long and tedious. But as I move up to the landing, he also decides he will not face the camera. And the shots describe what’s happening. Shyness drops over him like a blanket, and he turns his head. The story is complete. The story is unstuck.

Is the switch in your heart turned on? Do you see the truth in someone else’s story? Are you living unstuck? #Unstuck Living

Make each day your masterpiece.

—John Wooden

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