The Third Act of Life

Retirement is an awkward topic. Some welcome it with eager anticipation while others find meaning in their choice of work. They feel it’s their calling and continue to work well into their 80’s and 90’s. When taking a look at the “oldies but goodies” in the NFL, there are players like Adam Vinatieri of the Indianapolis Colts who is 44. And Tom Brady, New England Patriots quarterback, who at 40 is playing at a stellar level. James Harrison, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, who at 42 can tackle and hit with the best of “˜em. These men often show up in the Pro Bowl lineup and have received many awards. But they are not stuck in that profession. They have a limited amount of time to play; then move on to the third act of life. Hopefully, that third act is planned and financially intact, so they won’t be stuck.

The key to living unstuck seems to be: having a reason to get up in the morning, a purpose for life.

As I look around my town, many are living that way. Some folks will retire and go to the places they have always dreamed, experiencing exotic foods and adventures. Others may be happier to spend more time with family and friends, enjoying the camaraderie and support in those circles. Still others will respond to a high calling and go on a mission for their church.

So far, I have gone from where I was to a wonderfully magical place. I choose to have my own business. Not perfect, but I am happy. I work to help my clients as best I can. Online classes open my mind and broaden my horizons. I have great times with pals and family. I have made friends with my inner critic (you got one of those too?) and am content with where I am in life. Sure, there are ups and downs. But the ups outnumber the downs 10 to 1. I’m living unstuck.

How about you? What will your third act be? Or are you there now? Are you living unstuck?   #UnstuckLiving

Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your two ears.

—Laird Hamilton, Champion Surfer

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