The Scent of Food

Smell and taste are in fact but a single composite sense whose laboratory is the mouth and the chimney is the nose.

—Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Duff here. Nothing tastes better than Food smells. Yes, I walk along country Roads and attempt to pick up Morsels that attract Me. There’s a heavy focus on the word Attempt, for Mom keeps Me on a Leash as We walk. (I’m sure You remember My Earlier Ramblings and Adventures. But I’m off-topic.) With Spring in the air, there’s so Much that is Tempting to try. It could be a drip from Someone’s ice cream Cone. Or a Bird Dropping. Euww! Mom keeps a close Eye on Me when We’re out and about. You can only imagine. Living unstuck.

But at Home? Well, that’s a different Story altogether. In the morning, I’m asleep on the Sofa. Mom whips up some Goodies for Me. Then brings My Bowl over so I can sniff out What’s doing for the Day. My Nose wiggles with excitement, for all 100 million of My scent receptors are Engaged. It’s a delight! I sigh with pleasure and am Ready for My Feast. Living unstuck

How about You? Do You enjoy the Smell of Your Food before Eating? Or do You just dive in? I say: It all depends. If I’m being a My Connoisseur Self, I inhale before I sample. But If I’m starving? Ready Set. Munch. That’s the ticket. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#eating

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