The Power of Naps

Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap.

—Barbara Jordan

Duff here. Naps are the Very Best. I take them Quite often, for They restore My Spirits and give Me energy for What’s coming up next. After all, You never know: It may be something Big. Or small. It could be a True Adventure. (Mom and I are good at that.) But haw sad it would be if You were not Rested, Ready for excitement and Frolic. That would be Stuck indeed.

When I nap in the Winter, I like to be Totally covered Up. You know, with My fleecy Blanket over Me to snuggle into for Comfort. But this is Summer, and I have a Different Mode. All I need is for My nose to be tucked in and warmed Up. The rest of Me is just right, accepting gentle breezes and Pats alike. Living unstuck. How about You? Are You an advocate of timely Naps? Or do You avoid Them at all costs, concerned You wouldn’t sleep That night? I say: Give it a Try. Your Patience and good nature will be Restored. (You might even regulate Your temperature by Sticking Your foot out from under the Blanket.) That’s living unstuck. #unstuck-living#the-power-of-naps

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