The Pebble in Your Shoe

Often it is not the mountains ahead that wear you out, it’s the pebble in your shoe.

—Muhammed Ali

Duff photoDuff here. As I considered this concept, its implications were astounding. I was remembering Past Relationships with Other Puppies and Special Friends. Often, time spent with Them was peaceful. We had fun. We Ran and Played Games. We even Dozed and Napped together. We lived unstuck.

But there were occasions where we had a Dust Up. Disagreements can come to the Best of Friends. But we worked away on our differences and came up with Viable Solutions. Perhaps one of us backed off to further ponder the Situation. Or Both of us would go to Different parts of the Play Yard to cool down our tempers. Or even to have Our Owners gather us up for a Breather. And we always came back together to Gambol and Romp some more. Get that pebble out of Your Shoe, I say. Live unstuck.

Do you get caught up in the Minor Dramas of Life? Do you spend major Time Fretting and Fussing over a Minor Issue? I say: Take a Break. Have a Friend move you into a new Mind Set. Back off and work out: Is this a Battle? Or the War? When I do, I live unstuck. And you will too. #unstuckliving#perspectives

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