The Pack Leader

Duff here. As You know, Springtime brings out the Rambunctious Rascal in Me. I just can’t help Myself. Mom and I went through My Physical Cleanout for spring, with great success. All has been well for about a Week or so. Everyone was Sleeping Soundly throughout the Night. (I am still in My Carrier because of Prior Misdeeds, but that’s another Story.) Living unstuck.

Then I got the bright Idea to wake Up a bit earlier Each Day. Usually We start to ramble about around 5:00 am. It’s starting to get Light by then, and I’m ready to roll. So I decided to move it Up by 15 Minutes. I gave a short Bark, and You should have seen Mom. On the Move! Clothes pulled on, and We were out the door. But then the next Day, I tried My luck at 4:10 am. That was a Mistake. She came out, picked up My Carrier, and We had a Serious Chat, I tell You. I mended My Ways. She’s the Pack Leader, not Me. Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You in charge in Your Place? Or do You follow the Accepted Rules as set Down? I say: Someone else calling the Shots? March to Their Tune. If I want Kibble and Bits in My Doggy Bowl? I follow The Rules. No two ways about It. I’m a Reformed Pup for sure. Until next Spring . . . Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#pack-leader

If you think you’re It riding ahead of the pack, look back to see if the pack’s still there.


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