The O’Dark Thirty Call

One has not lived until one has carried a sixty-pound dog down a sweeping flight of stairs at half past V in the morning.

—Connie Wills, To Say Nothing Of The Dog

Duff here. A Friend of Ours would tenderly care for His Aging Pooch when there was a Need to go Outdoors at Night Time. He would use a Sling to carry the 75-pound Dog down the Stairs, kind of like a Suitcase. The arrangement suited Both of Them well: Our Friend’s Back was not harmed and the Dog got downstairs with Style. Problem solved. Living unstuck.

When I make this request of Mom, She fusses at times. I remind Her: I’m only a 10-pound ball of Fluff and there are No Stairs involved. And I have worked hard as the Canine Executive Officer at Unstuck Living. As such? I have rights and Privileges for this Esteemed Position. It’s only Proper that We attend to My Needs. And so, We do. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have a Need You impose on others? Or do You manage independently all on Your own? I say: Try Your Luck. You never know what You can get another to do until You Ask. Well, okay, Ask insistently. You may be surprised at the Response. Have fun! Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#nighttime-run

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