The Mysterious Chicken Escapade

Duff here. As You can see, Cousin Egbert, and His Sidekick Matilda, are excellent Detectives. They guard the House, to make sure the Family is safe. They also check out Guests as They arrive. They are like Me. They read the Newspaper on Pants Cuffs. Nice to know if The Person is a Canine Aficionado. Or not. Living unstuck.

But this Time? They were stymied! Someone done snuck in on Their Watch. And ate the Rotisserie Chicken. Again! Can You imagine? They look alert and Bright-Eyed now, but perhaps They were asleep on the Job. Or chasing rabbits outside. Or Running along the Fence to scare Others away. Such a mystery. But something seemed Strange to Their Owners. So, the Hunt for the Intruders is ongoing. Any fresh cooked Chicken? Stored away. Living unstuck.

How about You? Has something Strange happened to You, and You didn’t have a Clue? Or Do You know, and don’t want to ‘fess up? I say: If You look as Preciously Innocent as These Two, You’ll probably be given a Pass. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#mysteries

For every mystery, there is someone,
somewhere, who knows the truth.
Perhaps that someone is watching.
Perhaps . . . it’s you.

—Robert Stack, Unsolved Mysteries

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