The Merriest Christmas

Duff here. Today is Christmas Day. Finally! As You know, I met Santa and decided We were Kinfolk. He wouldn’t forget Me. I just knew it! And He brought what I wanted Most: a cuddly Blanket and an Extra Treat.

I hope You got what You wanted from the Big Jolly Guy in his Red Suit. If not… Well, He and I are related. I’ll put in a Good Word for You. (I Promise.) Living unstuck.

Mom and I want to be among the First to wish You a Very Merry Christmas!

Big hugs,
The Duff and His Mom

Advice From Santa Claus
Be jolly. Travel the world. Give your best gifts. Keep a sense of wonder. Be generous to others. Take time to listen. Jingle all the Way!

—Your True Nature

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