The Leash

Duff here. Through the Years, I have grown fond of My leash. But that was not always the Case. When I caught sight of The Leash as a Puppy, It was an open invitation to play “Catch Me if You Can.” Mom was pretty agile, but I was quick and lively, always ready for This Game. It was a Lot of Fun, and My Doggy Daddy was greatly entertained. I even preferred this Pastime to Fetch or quietly playing with My Toys. What entertainment is that? Living unstuck.

These days, when I see the Leash in Mom’s hand? I run for the Door. At the Ready. I do a few twirls, just to get into the Spirit of Things. Then I stand very still as Mom hooks Me up. She opens the Door and away We go! I am the Leader on the Leash, You know, so I Pull for all I’m worth. Especially when there are Bunnies or Squirrels close by. I never catch them, but . . . Living unstuck.

How about You? Do you enjoy the Beauty of Spring? Or would You rather be cooped up inside? I say: Get out and See what’s Changing. Better Yet? Get off The Leash of Hum-Drum. To see the World with a Fresh Approach and Sparkling Energy is the best! Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#a-dogs-leash

Live life at the end of the leash.


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