Me *getting off the couch* I’ll be right back. My dog: I would really feel more comfortable if we were together.


Duff here. In this time of uncertainty, Mom and I decided to interject a Note of Silliness. That’s right. Giggles. Laughter. After all, it’s Friday. Our typical Friday evening Routine has changed for Now. Yours too? Face to Face Fun and Frivolity with Friends are at a minimum. Sigh. Our New routine? Mom likes Ice Road Truckers and Storage Wars, with occasional forays into the Learning Channel. She indulges Me with Dog Training shows. Can You Imagine? Sheesh! But it’s a New way to live Unstuck.

Through all of This, We have an unspoken Pact. When Mom gets up from the Sofa, I am on High Alert. Well, at least My eyes open and I follow Her intently.  Watching Her every Move. If She goes anywhere but the Kitchen, I relax. No need for Movement. But if She heads that way? I’m off the Couch, ready for Action. You never know what Wonders will come from That Special Place. We move in tandem, as the Team We are. That’s living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have a Pet or Child of This nature? Or do They ignore You, absorbed in Something Important? (I even follow Mom to the Bathroom. You never know where She’ll go to from There.) I say: Let Them Follow along. If it makes Them feel better, that’s to the good. If You are without a Canine, I will be Your Substitute Dog. Picture and imagine Me following You Most Everywhere. Wagging My tail. Happy to be Your Companion. That will cheer You! (I guarantee.) Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#team-work

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