Take Courage in Hand

Promise me you’ll always Remember: You’re Braver than you Believe, and Stronger than you Seem, and Smarter than you Think.”

—Christopher Robin to Pooh in Winnie The Pooh

Duff photoDuff again. I was pondering this maxim the other day on my Early Morning Walk with mom. It was still a little dark as we moved down the road to my Favorite Spot. As we headed that direction, I stopped and stared. A block ahead of me, in plain sight, was the Biggest Dumpster on the side of the road I had ever encountered. I mean, it was huge. Mom tried to coax me in that direction, but I was having none of it. Fine for her to go ahead, but I was protecting her (and Me).

After a few minutes, when I realized this behemoth was not moving, we ventured forward. I have to admit: I kind of crept, but we proceeded with the walk. When we arrived at the Large Trash Bin, I checked it out thoroughly. I sniffed and investigated with the best of “˜em. Mom read the sign on its side: Wagon Wheel Roll Off and told me it was all right. I relaxed my vigil. But made sure to mark my territory. I am Brave, Strong and Smart. But I am a Dog. I live unstuck,

I’m curious: do you take courage in hand and face a Big Challenge when needed? Do you gather up energy and confront the Unknown when striking out in a New Direction? I say: Go ahead and do it. Your life is a Grand Adventure. Each morning, you have a new day. A new sunrise that’s never been seen. A new flower on your walk never viewed. It’s yours to revel in and experience. Live unstuck. I do. #UnstuckLiving

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