Stop the Chatter

You attract the things you think about the most. If you envision having a successful and fulfilling day, you will probably have one. If you wake up each morning dreading the day ahead, the universe will give you lots of irritations to add to your to do list. While I understand this to my bones, it isn’t always easy to keep those positive attractors top of mind when unexpected aggravations get in the way. Sometimes, when I actually make time to get still and listen to the rush hour irritation going on in my head, I chuckle when I realize just what an errant and playful child the mind can be if left on its own.

For example, I will think about an article I need to write. Then another task I wanted to do yesterday. Then the phone will ring, or text or email, or a knock on the door will enter the scene. Suddenly I am in the midst of so many demands that I forget my original plan. When I finally sit down to set my sights on the day, that list seems so long. I’m wracked with frustration about how I will “find the time” to get it all in. People are counting on me! Then my mind will really start racing. Where do I begin?

At this point, I can feel so overwhelmed that I may turn on the football game. Or worse, graze when I’m not hungry, just to escape having to take any action. But I have found a marvelous way to stop endless chatter by simply slowing down my inner dialog. For example, if I feel stymied, I say to myself very slowly, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII”¦ FEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL”¦ SSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO. FRRUSSTRATTTTTEEED. Then slowly, again and again, until my thoughts find an exit ramp to a more quiet place. Once the mind has stopped whirring out of control, it is easier to make the right decision about a starting place for the day.

If you find yourself in the grip of an endless sea of mind chatter that is getting faster and faster, remember this simple tip. This 3-minute exercise is so quick and easy that I created a Stop the Chatter HypnoSnax as my free gift to you when you sign up for my newsletter. Just fill out the form on this page.

Sometimes, though, the chatter will chase you like a spoiled child and disrupt your peace of mind. It can make you feel like you are defective somehow. This endless chit-chat will do this until you find out why your inner child is so unhappy. Hypnotherapy and NLP are two of the best methods I know of to reframe a past that is filled with pain, unrest, “not good enough” mind chatter. These simple techniques will help you move forward into a more comfortable future. Science has found that emotional energy doesn’t go away, but it goes inward and causes lots of damage in the form of illness. Do your cranky inner self a favor and call for an appointment. You’ll be back to attracting more of the good things you want in your life, joyfully and with peace.

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