Stolen Coffee With Cream

I thought I loved coffee . . . turns out I love cream.


Duff here. I was reminiscing about my Puppy Days last week. I really Enjoy coffee with Cream in It. How did that come About? So glad You asked. My Doggy Daddy had this beverage every morning. It was the Signal To Start the Day for Him. He would carefully measure out the Coffee Crystals. Next, He poured Hot water over Them into the Cup. After that, he would top it off with Cream. Lots of Cream. All the way to The Rim of the Cup. Then unsuccessfully carry it Over to his Big Blue Chair. I began my Affinity for this Drink by licking up the Drops left behind on the floor. I was gloriously living unstuck.

My Daddy would place the Cup on an End Table, with easy Access to the chair. I would watch Intently. When He left to do Something Important, I would hop up on His Chair and Very Carefully lean over the Cup. Quiet Slurping was my motto. When I heard Him begin to come Back to the Living Room, I would Quickly leap to the Ground and Sprawl Out on My bed. Talk about living unstuck.

How about You? Christmas is coming. Is it time to try and get away with Something like This? Or will Santa leave Coal in Your stocking? I say: Choose Your time wisely and well. (And hope He’s not looking.) Take a chance and live unstuck today. #unstuck-living#a-puppy’s-coffee

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