Still Tooting Her Horn and Loving It

Dawn West is a 52-year-old reading teacher who is living her dream. The very happiest days of her life were when she was a member of the West Virginia University marching band. But to achieve that goal she began way back in high school. She saved her babysitting money and bought a trumpet. From there, she taught herself how to play, hoping to successfully audition for the band. Even today, the memory brings tears to her eyes. She was unstuck.

Of course, she did make it into the band. What’s more amazing? She never left. She’s been in the band for 35 years, still going strong. Still tooting her horn and loving it. The kids call her Grandma, but they admit it’s not a very fitting nickname. The band leader said Dawn is usually the first one back in position on the field. He points her out to the other band members and tells them, “Be like her.” She hasn’t missed a step or lost an ounce of passion. She’s living unstuck.

Does the university let people stay in the band forever? No. Dawn was in school full time. That’s expensive. She took out loan after loan to be a part of the troupe. But this woman had a dedication to fulfill her dream. She had a passion. The university now lets her just take band. She is America’s only lifelong college student.

I, too, have dreams I’m working hard to fulfill. To hone my skills as a hypnotherapist. To help my clients with new and better techniques. To keep my mind active and learn as much as I can. To be the person my dog thinks I am. And can only hope I live up to the shining example set by Dawn. That kind of passion is hard to match. She lives unstuck. #Unstuck Living

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