Squeaky Toys

If chewing (on) things is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

—Danny Gordon

Duff here. Remember Mr. Murphy? He did love His Squeaky Toys. He would play with Them. Toss Them up into the Air. Shake Them vigorously. If His Owner would pick up a Plaything to toss across the Room? Mr. Murphy was on it! His Elephant was a Treasured Toy. He would play and play and play with it. Then bury the Toy in the Back yard. It was up to His Mistress to occasionally dig It up, wash it thoroughly, and hand It back to Him for another Round. Living unstuck.

Mr. Murphy’s Favorite Pastime was to find the Noisy Part of the Squeaky Toy. And pull it out. No more Racket. No more Shrill Squeak. He would proudly disembowel the problematic Part, and Play on. Keeping score was part of the Fun, for the Toys never won. His Owners would shake Their Heads in amazement, and even Applaud His efforts. One of a Kind, He was. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You take Toys apart, just because? Or do You leave Them intact? I say: Have fun Whichever Way You choose. I, Myself, was a Champ at tearing Them apart in My Younger Days. I would compete and win every time. But as an Older Statesman, I am more sedate. But I still frolic. Just not as energetically. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#squeaky-toys

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