Spring Fever

Spring creates joy beyond a doubt when it brings the children out.

—Edgar Guest

Duff here. The other Day, I Saw My Littlest Neighbor, a very Cute girl filled with energy and Delight. (Reminds Me of Myself, in a way.) Its springtime, and Abbie was outside, skipping and Playing with her newest Family Member. The 6-week-old Puppy, a Jack Russell terrier, was all Black, with a smooth Coat. Tiny. Curious. And constantly Learning. Living unstuck.

This Small Creature was getting the hang of Capering with Abbie. But still didn’t understand the Concept of Chase and Catch Me. Abbie would run, expecting the Puppy to follow. But when She turned around and looked behind Her, the Puppy was simply watching with a Quizzical expression. But Abbie was determined. She ran back to the Puppy and scooped Him up, cuddling Him. He was Sliding out of Her arms, but Both seemed Happy and Content. Spring seems the best time to bring out the children and to live unstuck.

How about You? Have spring fever? Ready to till Your garden? Or are You contemplating Other plans? I say: Wherever You are, get started. This time of year seems to move by Quickly. Enjoy it while You can. And find Those Little Children. They will Light Up your World. Happy Spring! Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#the-new-puppy

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