Sparkly Christmas Lights

Duff here. Mom took Me to see the Christmas Lights. It was Very Cold when We first Started out, so She bundled Me up in My Blanket. There I was, peeking out at the Glorious Lights. Toasty warm and Content. She was talking to Me, telling Me about the Colors and the Shapes. One was a Star! So dazzling. Living unstuck.

After a time, I got Drowsy and drifted off to Sleep. I yipped once or twice in My Slumber. Mom took Me back to the Jeep and tucked Me in. Then She went back out for Some More. That Lady is tough! Enjoying. Taking pictures. Talking with Other Folks. What a Time. When She got back into the Car, Her Fingers were Frozen. Seems to be a natural Happening These days. I helped Her warm up, and All was Well. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You checked out The Lights? Or are You huddled inside? I Say: Take a Chance. Bundle up and go Striding about. You’ll Meet Others along the Way, and make some Wonderful memories. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#Christmas-lights

The cold doesn’t matter when the enchantment of the lights heats up your soul.

—Jennifer Betts

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