Smile! You’re on Camera

Duff here. As my mom and I go on our walks, we often see signs along the way. Some are merely directional, as Left Turn and Stop. And others are for businesses. I particularly favor the restaurant, What’s Cooking, because delectable and enticing scents drift out for my sniffing pleasure. Talk about unstuck living!

One sign in particular grabbed our attention. It read: Smile! You’re On Camera. I smiled and wiggled. Even cavorted about for good measure. And as I watched, my mom smiled, too. I personally think an upward tilt of the mouth is contagious. We lived unstuck.

But I was puzzled by the “Camera” part. I show off for cameras. Not as much as when I was a Puppy. But I do pose and am my Adorable Self in all my glory. Why would someone not smile if they were on camera? I’ve heard of saying, “Cheese” to get in the mood but that never really made any sense to me either.

Mom explained the sign was a warning for a Security Camera. That it was for folks who like to take Things from others without permission. Things like precious treasures and such. (I suspect it would be similar to someone stealing my Bone. Now that would be a real heartache.) To have a picture taken when pilfering another’s goods would be very embarrassing. I don’t think people like that require being reminded to smile. Instead, they need to mend their ways and be good citizens. To live unstuck.

I ask: Do you smile only for the camera? Or do you smile often? Or not at all? I have found: if you smile a lot, you will feel happy and carefree. You can’t help it. You just do. Or at least that’s what I have determined. I’ll smile along with you, and together we’ll live unstuck. #unstuckliving #happiness #smiles

A smile is happiness you find right under your nose.

—Tom Wilson

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