Show Up Today

Note to Self: The world needs you to show up today. You are powerful. You are valuable and what you believe changes the world.”                   —

Duff photo

Duff here. You are powerful. I know This with My whole Heart. And what You tell yourself is undoubtedly the Most Powerful of all. From what Mom has told Me, Your subconscious Mind believes everything You say. Positive statements of “You can do this!” and “Go for it” energizes. You are in a happy State of Mind and can take on anything. Success is Yours. Living unstuck.

If You feed yourself the negative Stuff (“It will always be this way” or “Woe, is me.”) that’s what You’ll get. Did You know Your body will react in Synch with what You say? Everything is happening Right Now. Your dustup with a friend 20 years ago? Right now. The warm touch of a Friend yesterday? The same.

I suggest: Show up today. Be powerful. Be valuable. And watch what you believe. All part of living unstuck.

How about You? Do You practice being in High Spirits? Or are You hum drum? I say: Shoot for the Stars. Even if You don’t make it, You’ll be flying high. Having fun. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#show-up-today

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