Shovel or Sled

When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or sled. I chose a sled.


Duff here. The other day, Mom and I were out and About. It was between Snow Storms, and the Weather was perfect. A gentle breeze, with a Sunshiny Sky. As We came up the Main Road, We noticed a gentle Hill with so many People on Their sleds! After Mom turned around, We went to watch. All sorts of Folks, Children and The Young at Heart alike, were sliding down the Hill. Laughter and cheering were Front and Center. What fun! Living unstuck.

There was a Double Dip where the Sledders could roll down the First Hill. Then hop in the Air, and finish the run. One Little Fellow got stuck after the First gentle Slope. And sat there for a Minute, wiggling, and trying to Move. Pretty soon, His Dad was there, pulling the Sled up to the Top of the Hill and Encouraging His Son to trudge along with Him. Truly heartwarming! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You like to go Sledding? Or is it best to Watch from the Sidelines? I say: Watch for a while and then decide. Mom offered me the Opportunity to go. She would even buy a Sled for Us. But knowing that Wild Woman, I politely declined. Who knows where We would have ended Up? Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#sledding-fun

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