Share a Little?

Duff here. Aunt Mamie was a Precious Canine on the Boxer branch of My Genealogy. She was Brave and courageous, absolutely devoted to Her Family. She was loyal to a fault, never leaving Her Mistress’ Side and following Her wherever She went. Mamie was also strong, pulling Children’s wagons and Dragging the Trash bag out of its Container to examine those Yummy Contents. If She needed attention? She would Hug Her Owner with Her Paws, letting Everyone know She needed Affection. Or Walks. Such a lovable Character! Living unstuck

Her Best Trick was politely asking for a Bite to Eat. And yes, She had very Good manners. But the Look on Her Face sealed the deal and got Her Point across. Being that carefully watched, Who could sit there and Munch away? Not Her Owner. It would be a Bite for One, then a Morsel for the Other. My Aunt’s mouthfuls were Smaller, for She wanted to keep Her Svelte Shape. Great idea! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You sometimes ask Others for a Munch? Or do You let Your Rumbling Stomach do the Pleading? I say: Move into an Active Mode. I did that when asking for Doritos years ago, and It made all the difference. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#asking-for-a-munch

When you’re torn between eating the last bite of
your favorite food or sharing it with your dog.


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