Selective Hearing

Duff here. I am a Pro at Chasing Squirrels. I have been working at this Skill since I was a Tiny Puppy. It took Me a while to understand it was Their Way of playing a Game with Me. I would see Them, and They would begin to Chatter. The Fun was On! I roared out of the House, ready to chase Them. But Those Doggone Critters are elusive. I could not figure out how They could leave so Quickly. Mom even picked Me up to show Me how They could climb up a tree in a heartbeat. That made no sense to Me. So I was still on point. Living unstuck.

Mom would take pity on These Bushy Tailed Friends, (or perhaps was tired of the Ruckus) and would call me to Stop. But no! I was on track and would simply ignore Her. (I don’t have selective hearing for nothing.) But open a Bag of Puperoni at the Other End of the House? I’m at Her side, ready to Munch. Yum!

How about You? Do You hear absolutely Everything? Or do You select and Choose? I say: Choose the Latter. It gives You flexibility, allowing for Many Options. How boring to respond to Everything! Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#selective-hearing

If having dogs has taught me anything, it’s how to eat cookies very quietly.


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