Security of Secrets

Your secrets are safe with me. I wasn’t listening.


Duff here. As the Canine Executive Officer, it is My Duty and Responsibility to keep Secrets. And I hear many of Them. During the daytime, I am attuned to My Clients. At night time, Mom whispers Sweet Things to Me, like “You’re a good Boy, Duffer Dog” and “I love You, Baby Duff.” My Ears and My Heart feel so good when She says those words. I love Those Secrets. That’s living unstuck.

But with Election Ads? Oh my! Such naughty things Contenders say about Their opponent. Talk about burning Ears . . . Their Mothers should wash Their mouths out with Soap. And Football Season? Yes, We’re back to the time where Mom yells at the TV. She calls It Coaching. To Me, it’s gibberish. I suspect The Teams don’t even listen, which distresses Her to no end. Myself? I take a Nap. A luxury, for My Ears are tired out. Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You good at keeping Secrets? Or do you raise This Art to the next Level, and don’t even listen? I say: Listen and be Discreet. Confidentiality is Key. If all else fails, take a little Nap. Such a Luxurious way of Coping! #unstuck-living#security-of-secrets

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