Season of Opposites

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe of slush.

—Doug Larson

Duff here. Early Spring is a season of Opposites. Some days of Balmy Weather arrive, with the Promise of New Growth and Green Shoots on Trees. Mom abandons Her coat and life is good as We go for longer Walks. The Birds with Their cheerful Twitters are returning. An upbeat Feeling flows through the Town. More folks come to visit these parts and the Traffic increases. Living unstuck.

Then, Mother Nature springs a Brief Surprise of Cold Rain and Snow. I keep My Walks short during Those times. Or at least sidling Under Trees and other Shelter provided by shrubs and bushes. Mom is on Her own, but She has Opposable Thumbs and can hold an Umbrella. She even releases Me from the Leash so I can wander About, for She has found the Issue of a Shoe of Slush is not to Her liking. But We will take this early Delight, knowing Warmer Days are on their Way. Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You ready for Spring? Or focused on the Cold Slush in Your shoe? I say: Open Your heart and Whistle Your song. Or at least hum along with Me as We stop and start this New Season of Growth. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#early-spring

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