Same Old Problems? Fresh Perspectives!

Sometimes you feel like the same problems keep knocking at your door over and over . . . and over again.

How to fit in everything you need to do in the day. Being shocked awake by an insistent alarm clock. Poor communication with other people. Procrastination. Friends that don’t understand (or ignore) your boundaries. That fight between you and your partner over the same thing that has happened so many times before.

And often when confronted, time and time again, by the same issues in your daily life, you keep using the same tired “solutions.” Hoping that this time, things will magically turn out the way you want them to.

Can things be different?

But what about the time when you didn’t do that? When you stopped and considered, “Wait a minute! I know there’s a different way to do this.” And created a whole new solution? Today, what would happen if you . . .

  • stepped back when you began to have the same old argument with your partner, and asked yourself what the underlying issue really was.
  • wrote out only priority to-do’s on your list to start your day, rather than overwhelming yourself with all of them.
  • got a sunrise alarm clock so you could gently wake in the morning without the daily blaring alarm clock fight.
  • became aware of how you come across to others, and were then able to make some changes to smooth your relationship patterns.
  • asked yourself what the smallest possible step you could take to achieve a goal. Then did it.
  • decided what your boundaries were. Then gently but persistently enforced them with your friends.

You already have it in you!

Your subconscious mind is endlessly creative. What it wants for you is your highest good. Quite often, when the same response comes up to the same problem? That part inside you thinks it’s doing the right thing. After all, the strategy was successful the first time. That initial response creates a rut in your brain. And it gets deeper and deeper as it’s reinforced.

But that part is also open to different options and new strategies. Ones that are positive, healthy, and beneficial for you. Those resources are already inside you.

Remember when . . .

Go back to the time when you developed a new solution to an old problem. Then feel the power of thinking outside the box.

Here’s an example. Recently, my cell phone began to give up the ghost over a weekend. My usual way of dealing with this kind of problem? Freak out. Imagine the worst. All of my data would be lost. No communication with anyone ever again. Photos? Gone. Nothing left. My business would be devastated. And on and on.

This time? I stepped back and took a look at some options. Then developed some more. Made some phone calls to get information. Compared pricing. Made a plan. Then followed it.

Looking forward

I developed a new way of looking at a problem, and you can too. You had many situations where you came up against something, and used your prior experience to change the way you responded. Play with using those scenarios as inspiration for solving those current problems. Then pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Live unstuck!

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