Riding on Past Success?

I achieve a big goal. Something I’ve always wanted. If you’re like me, maybe it’s losing the X number of pounds you wanted to shed. Or kept to your three times a week exercise program. Or kept your promise of a positive attitude for 3 weeks.

It’s like a team taking stock after winning the Super Bowl. They achieved the highest goal in football. They worked hard. Practiced for many hours. Studied play books. Analyzed other teams. Developed their own strategies. The NFL Championship was theirs. They reached the synergy of playing together and came to the pinnacle of success. They are riding on top of the world.

Then what? And I’m the same way. If I’m not diligent with myself after I get to where I want to go, I slack off. Get stuck in complacency. I don’t have the drive I once did when working toward that goal. Just sneak in an extra snack or two. Or how about a dessert? So easy to sleep in and not move my body. Stuck in a downward spiral. After all, I made it! But I can persevere and remember what a challenge it was to get to where I am now. And having the wake-up alarm in another room stops snooze control mode.

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Are you riding on past success? A tip to move past this: have a dream behind the dream. Set up a plan for another goal before you begin. Now when you get to your goal, here’s where you go. Celebrate. Now the next step is . . . You’re not stuck. Set yourself up for success. Get stuck on winning. #Unstuck Living

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