Riding On His Shirttail

Last weekend New England was playing against the Atlanta Falcons. The game had just started but the players were fired up. The Patriots were close to the goal and pressing hard. The ball was hiked and tight end Rob Gronknowski picked up the short pass. He dinked the ball to wide receiver Brandin Cooks. Not all that unusual, but in this case the Gronk is 6’6″, weighing in at 265 pounds while Cooks is 5’10”, coming in at 185 pounds. Gronknowski began to move through a mass of huge men toward the goal, while Cooks grabbed onto his jersey and held on for dear life. Over the goal line for a touchdown. Cooks rode on Gronk’s shirttail. He got help from unexpected places. They played unstuck.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to “ride on someone else’s shirttail” until I can get my feet under me. The computer was a challenge until a very good friend stepped in and showed me the ropes. When learning to write, others who had good writing skills showed up in my path and paved the way. When I began public speaking, I hunted up presenters who taught me the basics. I’m a hypnotherapist, and my voice is important. I was able to enhance my voice, dropping it two levels, with the help of a speech therapist in a hospital. And I’m still learning. I am not shy about asking the pros for guidance and direction. Not about to stay in mediocrity, I live unstuck.

Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second.

—William James

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