Revisiting Curiosity Over Fear

As I get older, the more I stay focused on the acceptance of myself and others, and choose compassion over judgment and curiosity over fear.

—Tracee Ellis Ross

Duff here. As I thought about what I wanted to express today, I remembered the above quote. So many Thoughts arise as I contemplate this quote. And I decided it was a Good Time to revisit this previous post.

As You know, I definitely accept Myself. All of Me. Each and Every part of Me is Mine to Love. And yes, I accept others. Some more Readily than Others, for Large Dogs are difficult for this very Small Dog to connect with. But The Kind Ones? Those I can meet and greet, accepting as I go. Living unstuck.

I like the Opening created by choosing Compassion over Judgment. Leaves such Room for Discovery and Growth. And it’s easier on My Body and Mind, for conserving Energy to play and Have Fun is what My life is All About. Quite a warm and Good feeling to Share between Me and the Recipient. That’s living unstuck.

And What a Delight To be Curious! Fear be gone. It has no place in My World (or Yours either), for My Universe is filled with Wonder. So much to Nose Out and bring To Light. I recently spent time with Two Female Chihuahuas. Just My size. Whew! They Liked to Play and Explore, just as I do. Were I huddled in the Corner, afraid to Even Make Contact, I would have missed the Opportunity for a Friendship. No matter how Brief, I think Personal contacts are the best.

How about You? Are You curious as You go through Your daily Life? Does a tender Feeling touch You when Considering Another’s plight? How’s the Acceptance Business going? I say: Soften up and Enjoy life. It’s the Only way to Go. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#compassion#curiousityoverfear

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