Retrieving Assorted Treasures

We know the ideas in our heads aren’t real, but sometimes the ideas are just too good to ignore.


Duff here. Uncle Olaf was the best Retriever ever. He won Blue Ribbons at County Fairs and Best of Class at Retriever Festivities. His fame spread Far and Wide. Rather than autographing Items He found, He would graciously place a Muddy Paw Print on a Fancy piece of Paper. One that could be Treasured, perhaps even Framed for Posterity. That was Olaf, all right. Living unstuck.

His Master played golf, but not well. In fact, He would spend a significant amount of Time searching for the golf balls that landed in the Rough. As time went along, The Owner realized This Pooch had quite a Talent. Olaf was a Master at Finding Things and returning Them to Him. And these Skills could be put to Good Use! Let other Retrievers focus on Fowl and Other Game. Olaf could hunt down Golf Balls, and Frisbees, and all sorts of other Trinkets. Eventually, They developed a phone system, which worked well for both of Them, for there was Much to be found. Ah, those were The Days. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have a Buddy to browse around with? Or are You content to be by Yourself? I say: Whichever One fits is exactly right for You. But You might consider a Deal like Olaf worked out. It served Him well with extra treats and All, You know. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#ideas-too-good-to-pass-up

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