Rest and Recoup

No man needs a vacation more than the man who just had one.

—Elbert Hubbard

Duff here. We’re heading into Summertime. Big time for Vacays, picnics and Day Trips. I enjoy any and every break in the Action, Myself. I work hard throughout the week, so when the Weekend arrives? I’m ready for action! I think a change of pace is Good for both Mom and Me. It gives Us stories to tell each other and Perspectives to share. And do We laugh? Oh, yes! Living unstuck.

While I look forward to the Next Time Away after the One just finished, I do need some time to recoup. I play so hard with My Four-Legged Buddies, it takes a Bit of Napping and Sleep to straighten Myself out. (Mom says She works four Times harder before planned Time Off. And four times harder to catch Up on return.) Seems to be worth it, though, for We keep on doing it. Living unstuck.

How about You? Ready for a vacay right after You’ve just had One? Or need time to Rest and Restore? I say: I’m all for the bit of Rest. I go all out to have Fun. That takes Energy. Refueling sure helps, restoring My Good Attitude. And there’s also My Special Duff Bed at Home. Nothing like it. You too? Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#vacations

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