Reserves Running Low? Time to Refuel!

The first part of the new year has been a time for resolutions and goals. Looking to the past to see what happened and what didn’t. Mourning losses of the familiar. Of what used to be.

A good friend recently said it’s like we’re in a personal drought. You are usually able to fill up your reservoir with positives. Occasions to look forward to, like births of a new baby, a joyous wedding, lunch with friends, vacations, all create anticipation of good things to come. The mind and body are in balance, moving forward to a positive future.

After two years of uncertainty, like the light-colored water lines left in a dwindling reservoir, you can feel your reserves running low. And hopelessness fills the lakes. Like resolutions or goals, the tools you used before aren’t working for you right now. You continue to slog through the “messy middle” and there’s no end in sight. This is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. And you’re willing to do about anything to bring balance into your life. Enough!

But how to do that? To me, it’s time to be kind to yourself. Refuel by claiming renewal time for you. Start by doing one thing to get back into control. Can’t think of anything? Here are some tips:

Think of the word SELF.

  • S is for sleep. Set your alarm an hour before bedtime. Turn off any electronic devices. Ditch the news. To eliminate distractions, put your phone in another room. Time to slow down your mind and give it rest.
  • E is for exercise. Any time you change your physiology, you change your state of being. If you were sitting, stand up. Stretch. Walk the dog. Or take up yoga. Movement will change your perspective.
  • L is for love. Relationships have been lacking during these times. Hang out with mom. Connect with a friend you haven’t seen for a time and chat about what’s doing. Love your pet. (My pooch, The Duff, seconds this idea!)
  • F is for fun. Time to get back into hobbies. One friend is making wooden toys for children in need. Another friend is making hats for those going through chemotherapy. Carve out a space for fun!

Here’s a bonus tip: Build time for two daily anchors a day. A morning anchor and one toward the end of the day to feed your soul. Ideally, take (or steal) 20 minutes for you. If not 20, then 10. If not 10, then 5. You will know what feels right. Mine? My morning walk, grooming The Duff, and reading a chapter in a good book before I go to sleep at night. It’s a disconnect from the day that slows my mind.

Let’s figure out easy and fun ways to refuel. Gently fill those reserves and get unstuck!

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