Read the Room

Take a step back and read the room.

—Morgen Maradiaga

Duff here. Have You ever wondered what Others thought of You? Or how Your Words impacted the group You’re with? As the Stay-at-Home Strong Suggestion went on, there was a lot of time on Our Hands. Too much time, perhaps. Many folks began to think about what They said to Someone else. Or texted. Was it well received . . . or Not? So much Time to think about Stuff and the reaction to It can be Problematic. Not living unstuck.

Since I only speak Canine, I don’t have that Issue. Sure, I let Mom know when Someone comes through the Door with the Song of My People. But that’s doing My Job. Other times when I step back and read the Room? When there are Doritos involved. I can pick out The One who cannot resist My Brown Eyes and Winning Ways. I am a Darling when I need to be, which is almost always. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You ponder how You come across to Others? Or let it Be? I say: Every now and again, Step back and take a look. You may be the Delight of the Group. Or need to regret a word or two and make Amends? Either way works. (Especially with Doritos,) Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#read-the-room

Look outside and you will see yourself.
Look inside and you will find yourself.

—Drew Gerald

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