Race Your Mouse Day

You didn’t beat me. You merely finished in front of me.

—Hal Higdon

I almost had that mouse!

—The Duff

Duff here. Bet You didn’t know it’s National Race Your Mouse Day. But I’m not sure What kind of Mouse it is. Mom works on the computer, and uses a Mouse. But that’s not at all like The Ones I’m used to. When We lived in a more rural Area, I chased Mice. And Caught them. I was quick on My Paws, I tell You. I raced with the best of Them. I would even proudly bring Them to Mom. Sometimes chewed up. Other times, not so much. She wasn’t as enthused as I was about the Whole Endeavor. Sheesh! But living unstuck for Me.

And then tomorrow? That’s National Just Because Day. And what a Wonderful 24 Hours it will be! I was considering the Implications of This. Mom loves Me . . . just because. You like to get up at a Certain Time . . . just because. You prefer to have your coffee with Cream . . . just because. You live where You do . . . just because. To have a choice. Priceless! Why? Just because. The essence of living unstuck.

How about You? I don’t know if You’ll celebrate racing a mouse. But I do know You’ll join Me in making the most of National Just Because Day! The reason for doing so Well, just because. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#celebrating-national-holidays

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