Procrastination and Roadblocks

Be thankful for confusion, procrastination, and roadblocks. They
protect you from people and places that aren’t meant for you.

—Sid P. Jani

Duff here. More often than not, I am Confused in My World. Where do I go now? Where is Mom? Is it time for a Treat? For a walk? The other Day, Mom placed Me next to the Car after We arrived at work. I carefully checked out the area, then headed at Breakneck speed for the Lawn next door. You should have seen Mom picking ‘em up and laying ‘em down to catch Me! Her main Concern? My safety. The last time I meandered over There, I almost ended up in the Parking Lot. Adventurous, but Not good for Very Small Dogs. Living unstuck.

This Time? She leashed Me up, and We both went to investigate. So many other Pooches had left Their mark! It was a real Job to Catch up and make sure Everyone knew: This is My territory. But I prevailed, for the Roadblock that was Mom made It safe. And since It’s the End of Summer, I want to catch all the Sunshine I can get. Just love It! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You fret over Procrastination and Roadblocks? Or are You always on a Smooth Path? I say: Should You find Yourself in one of those pesky situations? Pause for a Moment. You might find That Person or Place was not meant for You. Or You might also have a Trusted Friend step up and give You a hand. Truly living unstuck. #unstuck-living#confusion-procrastination-roadblocks

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