Pick Me Up

Duff here. Within recent memory, the Weather was mellow. Cool even. Just right for a Canine with a Handsome Fur Coat, like Me. Mom and I would go out for Our Walks, She with Her Hoodie and Me in the Buff, enjoying the Cool breezes. It was brisk enough to keep Us moving, but not enough to Hunker Down. Just right, I’d say. Living unstuck.

Then Someone flipped the switch. We went from Coldish Spring to Scorching Summer. What in the World! When I went for My afternoon Jaunt, I was dragging. Listless. We finally made It to Our destination, and turned Back. Now, I’m as game as the Next Fellow. But halfway Home, I turned to Mom and said, “You can pick Me up if You’d like.” She scooped Me up, and I was content. (Although She only has Two Legs, They are a lot Longer than Mine.) Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You taken on a Project, only to find You’re in a Bind? Or are You self Sufficient? I say: Ask for Help. You will benefit greatly. And The Helper will feel necessary to the Occasion. Warm fuzzies all Around! Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#a-little-support

I’m super lazy today. It’s like regular lazy, but I’m wearing a cape.


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