Duff here. Uncle Rupert liked His Food. Yes, He did. Those edibles were both captivating and Mouthwatering. He would look longingly at His Owner’s Meal, smelling the aromas and Imagining the Taste. However, He was not offered any Tidbits. No, indeed. It was dry kibble for Him, to keep His body svelte and His Energy high. Living unstuck.

One day, the Temptation was too Much. That delectable prime Rib was just sitting on the counter, calling to Him. How was He to know it was not His? Up He leaped, grabbed the Meat, and Scarfed it down. The only Thing left was the Bone, but He was too full to even gnaw on It. I think His lawyer did a Masterful Job in presenting Rupert’s perspective of the Whole Adventure. (He had also mastered the Hang Dog look, to add to the story.) Yay Rupert! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You use Your Persuasive abilities to Their Fullest? Or do You need a bit of practice? I say: Take some lessons from My Uncle. He had the Look. The Lawyer. The Story. And everything in between. Truly living unstuck. #unstuck-living#persuasion

Elegant persuasion is when the other person thought it was their idea.

—Marshall Silver

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