The World According to Duff: Perspectives

MacDuff, pedigreed muttHello! My name is MacDuff. (MacDuff Courtney is what my mom calls me when I don’t come to her promptly, which is often). All 12 pounds of me is adorable. Just ask me, and I’ll tell you. I am a pedigreed mutt, or a Bichy-Poo-Shi-Tzu, or a Bichon Frise-Toy Poodle-Shi Tzu mix. Did I tell you I’m stinkin’ cute? I think I’m perfect just the way I am. I’m living unstuck.

My view of the world is from 8 inches off the ground. You may think my world is limited, but not so. And when I meet people, I specialize in shoes, ankles, socks and clothing from the knee down. People who live with cats and dogs are particularly interesting to me. The scents are divine.

When I think of your perspective of the world, it’s much more expansive. You can see a long way out. My view is probably 5 feet or less. (There’s always something in the way. Not that it makes any difference). You can make plans for the future. My future consists of: what’s for dinner? Or: is it time to play? Or: is it time for bed? Or: watch me run!

Think about your view of the world. Is it positive? Or a downer? Plans for the future? 5 years out? Ten? Do you like yourself? Think you’re adorable? Live unstuck. #Unstuck Living

Imagine your life is perfect in every respect: What would it look like?

—Brian Tracy

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